About Me

I'm Nicholas, a New York City-based photographer with a passion for capturing the raw and untamed beauty of nature. My journey behind the lens began around NYC, where the dynamic cityscape taught me the art of photography. However, my true calling was in the heart of nature's most dramatic displays. Storm chasing is more than a pursuit; it's a devotion. I travel across the country, drawn to the awe-inspiring power of hurricanes, blizzards, severe weather, and nor'easters. These natural phenomena, often seen as destructive forces, hold a unique allure for me. Through my camera, I strive to showcase their intense beauty and the ephemeral moments that many never get to witness firsthand. My work is a blend of adrenaline and artistry. Each expedition is an unpredictable adventure, requiring patience, resilience, and respect for the natural world. I believe that every storm tells a story, and my goal is to narrate these tales through photographs and videos, capturing the essence of their power and the emotions they evoke. Whether it's the serene moments before a storm, the chaotic beauty of a hurricane's eye, or the tranquil aftermath of a blizzard, each photo or video is a piece of a larger narrative — the story of nature's incredible force.